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You’re favourite Anime/Manga?

I have so much i can’t choose but this are some

Guilty crown, SAO, Angel beats, Bakemonogatari etc.

What’s your favourite hair colour?

Blue or brown

Do you have a favourite Kemonomimi?


Do you often use Google translator? ;D

not often, but sometimes

What’s your most common phrase?

I’m not weird (i don’t know if that  is a phrase >.<)

How high are you?

1.65 cm >.<

How long are you on Tumblr.?

10 months^^

Your favourite colour?

Green , blue and black^^

Your favourite Band/Singer?Eastt

B2st, Shinee and Exo<3

A bad habit of yours?

Being to loud and lazy>.<

A person do you wish to be a Zombie? :D

I dont know-.-‘


Questions ^^

  1. Favourite place in the world?
  2. Internet or book?
  3. Favourite anime/manga?
  4. Math or death?>.<
  5. Something you’re good at?
  6. Something that makes you smile?
Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
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